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The Stolnik elite residential bldg


The building, which does not conceal its modern exterior under the mask of stylized design, arose once among the Moscow’s alleys. Its dynamic appearance with two spread out “wings”, diverged to the top, refers us to the concept of an architectural order with ranged columns supporting an entablature of the upper floors. Due to the Architect’s idea the building looks like a plant from a fiction, like a crystal tree with wide crown of glass and metal.

المتعاقد العام

Codest International Srl


ЗАО «Стольный Град»


Moscow, Russia

المهندس المعماري

А.Savin, М.Кogan



مساحة المشروع


الأنظمة المستخدمة

Schueco BF 30, RS70 FF, FW 50+

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Moscow region, Korolev