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Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy.

Case SHS:

  • The building of SHS 95%
  • A full cycle of facade works was carried out on:
    • - frameless glazing on the steel frame.
      • - mullion-transom glazing Schuco
        • device wall with the use of ventilated façade with natural stone and Moleanos Lapitek.
        • On building SEL willingness 20%
          • A full cycle of facade works is performed on:
          • - frameless glazing on the steel frame. The uniqueness of the design solution is that the size of the glass 4500*2200 mm and a weight of more than 1,200 kg.
            • - mullion-transom glazing Schuco
              • - wall device using ventilated facade lined with natural stone Malianos and Lapitek.
              • VTB arena Park

                • A contract for the design, manufacture and installation of the modular facade of the Building 12 was signed.
                  • Start of installation of modular facade
                    • Buildings 4,5 are prepared with delivery to the customer and the owner of the building
                      • The final works are being carried out, adjustments for delivery.

                      • Vavilova

                        • Completed installation of Windows, doors and corner stained glass effects on a typical floor of the buildings 1,2,3,4,4,5
                          • The installation of stained glass Windows on the 1st floor
                            • It is planned to install the stained glass Windows of the penthouse

                            • Wander Park

                              • The installation of Windows is carried out at the facility.

                              • Domodedovo

                                • Completion of construction works.

                                • Zilart

                                  • Completion of construction works.

                                  • Huamin Park

Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy.

VTB arena Park


Wander Park



Huamin Park

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