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City block "VTB arena Park", is located at the address: Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt d. 36 with a total area of walling 38 000 m2.

Case 1

  • work is Underway on the installation of the lamellas on the facade 1.1
  • On the facade of 1.2-1.3 work performed for the installation of substructures for mounting the slats of the 3rd technical level.
  • completing the glazing and the sealing of the dome.
  • the
  • the Completion of works on installation of cornices on the facade 2.2.
  • the
    Case 3
  • completing the glazing along the contour of the Sky bar, including 6 sliding doors overlooking panoramic views of Moscow city.
  • the continuation of the installation of aluminium designs for stained-glass Windows on the 13th and 14th floor.
  • the
    Case 4
  • shutdown 4 case (except for the corner zones).
  • the
    Building 5
  • the Completion of the unit of the thermal circuit on the facades 5.1, 5.2, 5.4.
  • On the facade of the 5.3 work is underway on installation of frames and glazing.
  • Tower "Evolution", plot 2-3, MIBC "Moscow-city"

  • a decorative corner at the junction of the tapes to metal crown.
  • Device flanging on the upper slopes.
  • Trim tape in the areas between the main and secondary belts belts with the puck.
  • installation of a laminated mineral wool for corner column.
  • Add angular and direct tape on the column.
  • Seal at the bolted connections of the segments inside the arch.

    Administrative and public business complex "NEVSKY town HALL" is located at the address: St.-Petersburg, the Central administrative area (the Total area of walling - 736 100 m2)

  • Installation of glass entrance façade on the street..
  • Installation of eaves of the main façade.
  • Assembly of eaves.
  • Painting of the colon the base of the Elevator shaft.
  • Installation "dollskin" on the external facades.

    Multifunctional office and recreational complex "Federation"

  • Supply of aluminium profiles and components for facade structures.
  • Start the manufacture of facade constructions.
  • Start of installation of facade brackets and modular construce.
  • Fabrication of aluminum profiles and components for the roofing system.
  • Beginning of the delivery of glass for the manufacture of glass roofing electric.
  • Delivery structures under the Derrick crane on a building site.
  • the Implementation of high precision bearings carburizing bearing steel construction of the topping.
  • the Application of fire retardant composition for bolting the supporting structure of the topping.

    The floating restaurant "Sadko"

  • work on ceiling glazing on all terraces.
  • Works on installation of doors;

  • City block "VTB arena Park", is located at the address: Moscow, Leningradsky Prospekt d. 36 with a total area of walling 38 000 m2.

    Tower "Evolution", plot 2-3, MIBC "Moscow-city"

    Multifunctional office and recreational complex "Federation"

    The floating restaurant "Sadko"

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