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Multifunctional office and recreational complex "Federation"

  • Continued installation work on the installation of facade structures.
  • Delivery of elements of the frame of the roofing on the construction site and start installation.

    Administrative and public business complex "NEVSKY town HALL" is located at the address: St.-Petersburg, the Central administrative area (the Total area of walling - 736 100 m2)

  • Installation of the second string of the input group on the Central facade.
  • Installation of glass lift shaft.
  • Installation of glazing filing of the bottom of the TV Studio.
  • Installation of sandwich panels of the front group on the facade on the street.

    The floating restaurant "Sadko"

  • Completion of glazing: installation of glass products.
  • final Installation of flashings on all floors.

  • Multifunctional office and recreational complex "Federation"

    The floating restaurant "Sadko"

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